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Types Of Counselling Provided By
Be True Be You Counselling Services East Lancashire
Counselling is provided for children aged five upwards within their school setting. I support children with improving their mental health and emotional wellbeing. I work with your school in order to find a convenient time for the session with minimal disruption to the school day. This is for both individual and group work counselling.
  • One to one person-centred counselling
  • One to one play therapy
  • Brief, solution focused therapy
  • Therapeutic group work
Duration Of Counselling
  • Brief and/or time limited counselling/therapy
  • 15 minutes/30 minutes/1 hour sessions
  • Short term counselling and play therapy
  • 6 weeks (flexible) therapeutic group work
  • Long term counselling and play therapy
Areas That Be True Be You Can Help With
  • Low self confidence
  • Low self esteem
  • Neglect
  • Reducing outbursts in class
  • Reducing negative behaviour
  • Family difficulties
  • Domestic violence
  • Conflict resolution
  • Friendship difficulties
  • ​Loss
  • Bereavement
  • ​Identity
  • Bullying
  • Abuse
  • Managing emotions
  • Learning healthy coping mechanisms
  • Transitions
  • Increasing self awareness
  • Attachment difficulties

This list is not exhaustive

What Happens In A Play Therapy Session
  • Play therapy is a way of allowing children to express their emotions in a lighter, less painful way through the art of play. I provide various animal puppets, toy animals, dolls and other items of play equipment. When the child is in the room provided they are able to freely choose which items they wish to play with. I will always be sat alongside unless otherwise requested by the child. I follow their lead. It is through watching how they interact in the room, with me and the toys that I am able to get an idea of how the child may be feeling. Sometimes, a child has been through very traumatic experiences, I am very mindful of this and work at their pace. Although it is primarily play based, their may be an element of talking however this depends on the age of the child and how communicative they are.
  • I have worked with children from very difficult backgrounds and have seen first hand how effective the use of play therapy is. Sometimes a child is unable to say that they feel sad, angry or confused however these painful feelings will show in a different way. Some children turn their pain inwards and withdraw, others show their emotions by way of violent outbursts or disruptions in class or at home. I help children to release their emotions in a safe, supportive space. Projecting feelings onto a toy or puppet can lessen the effects of the painful feelings that they are experiencing and in time allows them to let go of them.
  • Encouragement is a huge aspect of my work and I always try to get the child to do/try things for themselves. If a child feels your belief in them, this is paramount in that person developing a good level of self-esteem and can increase a person's confidence massively. I have watched the process many times and seen the amazing changes. ​​
Understanding your past helps you to face your future