Counselling Services East Lancashire
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Types Of Counselling Provided By
Be True Be You Counselling Services East Lancashire

  • Person-centred one to one counselling
  • Solution focused therapy
Duration Of Counselling
  • Brief time limited therapy
  • Short term counselling
  • Long term counselling

By protecting the emotional and physical wellbeing of your staff, you are protecting the wellbeing of your organisation as a whole.

Areas Of Counselling That Be True Be You Can Help With

  • Work related stress
  • Conflict resolution
  • Personal problems

Organisational Benefits

  • ​Reduced absenteeism
  • Lower staff turnover
  • Higher staff morale
  • Increased business efficiency
Employee Benefits
  • Increased confidence
  • Increased concentration
  • More focused
  • Motivated
  • Less time off work
  • Happy to come to work
  • Increased work performance
​Always try and take the challenging route, do not stay rigid