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  • July 2019 "I could see an immediate and positive impact on my daughter. After eight sessions, she was the young woman I knew she was beneath the blanket of worry. She can now take full advantage of the chances that she has worked hard for". Parent of young adult
  • June 2019 "I came to counselling during a period of feeling intensely depressed and like my life was running away with me. I was unsure as to what counselling could do for me, but after eight sessions I am incredibly glad that I made the decision to come to that first session. Sophie is the most understanding and empathetic person I have ever met. She was able to help me unpick the issues I had been struggling with such that now they almost don't seem like issues at all. My sessions with Sophie have helped me begin the process of self acceptance and I am truly thankful to her for all her help. I would recommend Sophie as a counsellor to anyone struggling with certain aspects of their life. I have no doubt she will be able to help you even after as little as a couple of sessions."
  • April 2019 "Sophie offered an excellent service. She is very professional, welcoming, empathetic and honest. She gave me the time and space to access exactly what I needed to make sense of a horrendous situation. She was not afraid to get me to challenge my own misconceptions in a safe and nurturing environment. This helped me to move forward positively and make healthier, more informed choices. I feel much better now and would definately return if I needed to. I have now used Sophie's help with other members of my family. I cannot thank her enough".
  • June 2018 "Counselling really helped me." (16 year old) Notes : Talking things through helped. Less worried, calmer.
  • June 2018 "Our daughter seems to have improved greatly, beyond what we could have wished for (Parent of teenager with severe anxiety/panic attacks) Note: More relaxed, confident and panic attacks seem to have reduced immensely.
  • April 2018 "As soon as I sat down I was asked why I wanted to attend counselling? All I could say is that I was broken and needed fixing. I needed to reboot. Sophie quickly explained that she didn't like hearing that and that I wasn't broken. I just needed to learn how to deal with and talk about my anxiety. I'd never had these feelings before and they came as a shock to me because I am usually a strong confident character but I started feeling that I couldn't handle the stresses in my life and I wanted to get back to how I was. I was losing a grip on reality and my imagination went into overdrive. I would imagine the craziest of scenarios and couldn't dismiss them because I thought they were actually happening. Over the sessions I discussed everything and learnt that my anxiety originated from something I would never have been able to control from the start. I'm not broken. I know this now. I'm just like everyone else. I have learnt how to deal with my anxiety better. Breathing exercises and stretches - thought exercises now help me deal with anxiety on a day to day basis. I'm not the person I used to be but I think I'm better than that. I still have the stresses and I do get anxious but after my counselling I'm now strong enough to not let it affect me like it did. I am proud that I took the steps to pursue counselling and would recommend Sophie to anyone."
  • June 2018 "Our daughter seems to have improved greatly, beyond what we could have wished for (Parent of teenager with severe anxiety/panic attacks) Note: More relaxed, confident and panic attacks seem to have reduced immensely.
  • ​​​June 2017 "Was well helpful, has helped me massively and I just feel 110% again." (Teenager)
  • June 2017 Sophie has always been punctual and very welcoming. She has also been accessible to me over the phone whenever necessary. I feel we have been provided with a very effective and professional service which we would be confident to return to again if we felt it was warrented. My child seems much less agitated and calmer. He seems able to process disappointments better and does not get so accutely upset. Thank you Sophie. (Parent of teenager with anxiety and suicidal thoughts)
  • Dec 2016 I found my sessions extremely beneficial to my mental wellbeing. I feel like the fog has lifted and I can deal with life's ups and downs. I also finally feel like I have come to terms with past experiences. Thank you Sophie.
  • June 2015 "I must admit that when I made my first appointment for counselling with Sophie I wasn't too sure of what to expect, I had a preconceived idea that she would come up with a magic formula that would change the way I was feeling and all would be back to normal. At my initial meeting I was soon put at ease and was able to fully open up about my reasons and feelings for being there. The first thing that struck me was the listening skills that Sophie applied, I think I had expected a full 2 way conversation, but I quickly realised that it was down to me to talk through all my issues and Sophie would pick up on any specifics which she would then focus my attentions on to discuss in more detail."
  • "I had 6 sessions and I really feel that they had a huge impact on how I now approach things and have helped in saving my marriage from divorce. I now think about an answer or a statement before saying it. My counselling helped me restore some self confidence that had gone missing and put some pride back into myself.
  • "Nothing is perfect, but I truly believe that the counselling sessions really helped me and I would have no hesitation whatsoever in recommending Sophie to anyone who may be thinking that this might be the avenue for them to take".
  • "I found counselling has helped me be able to cope with problems in my life as I don’t have things from the past blurring my mind".
  • "My counselling sessions have really surprised me. They have helped me to see things differently and work things out a bit better and also just talking has helped me a great deal. It would be hard to improve the service as I feel everything has gone really well".
  • Child A Start of therapy Extremely withdrawn, very low self esteem, high vulnerability, friendship difficulties. End of short term play therapy Increased self esteem, positive attitude, smiling, happy with friends, increased academic scores. Parents and school noted a large positive change
  • Child B Start of therapy Very low self esteem, difficulty managing emotions, restless, extreme mood swings, dangerous attention seeking behaviour
    End of long term play therapy Dangerous behaviour stopped, increased self esteem and self respect, more settled, focused, increased academic scores
  • Child C Start of therapy
    Very low self esteem, struggled managing emotions, difficulty making friends, aggressive behaviour
    ​End of long term child counselling/play therapy
    Increased self esteem, increased social confidence, confidence to try new things, increased academic performance
  • "Sophie was easy to talk to and fit me in at short notice".
  • " I have found my sessions most helpful as they have helped me deal and come to terms with a lot of issues that I have previously been unable to overcome. Sophie has always been very nice and helpful, understanding and always makes sure I understand".
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Other Testimonials​
  • February 2015 "Having worked closely with Sophie in a school based counselling service I would highly recommend her as a therapist of children, adults and groups. She has a confident and caring approach to her clients and a sound grasp of the person centred model". James Emmett.
  • January 2015 "Sophie is a patient listener, who is attentive to the needs of others and has a perennially positive attitude both generally and in her approach to any challenge she embarks upon. Sophie has a strong moral compass that guides her own, but never others decisions. She has the perfect disposition for counselling". Louisa Anderson