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After reading about someone that makes up bags of items for people living on the streets, it triggered something within me to reach out also. I give to various charities and have done over the years, however I have never done anything for this large group of people. It takes me back to a course that I attended years ago. People were discussing why people didn't try and help themselves or want to find a bed for the night. We later learnt that for some people, some having suffered abuse and neglect being on the streets was their safe place. I remember my particular darkest times when I did not feel safe in my own skin or in my own home and always wanted to be somewhere else, to escape. I always say hello to me and acknowledge them, I also see how the majority of people do not even look in their direction. The way I see it is that noone can say "that will never be me". Life is tough sometimes and not everyone has support to help them through. They are not people on the streets, he/she is someone. Someone's son, daughter, wife, boyfriend, sister, uncle. Small acts of kindness should not be a rarity, it should not be the exception it should be the norm. I am looking into a way of supporting a homeless charity and something that I could do at Xmas. What could you do? #volunteering #acts of kindness #homeless
Sophie Bibby