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A best friend of mine has recently lost her mum and to be honest it shook me up quite a bit. It got me thinking about how many people are existing in their life rather than truly living life to the full. When I say to the full, I am not talking about having the latest gadget, a big house or new car. I am talking about truly appreciating the beauty of life, the everyday, the walk to work or drive through the autumnal countryside. I mean sending a message to a loved one or letting someone know that you are thinking about them. The little, what some may say basic everyday things. It is these small gestures that can mean so much to someone. Quite often what we need is to stop for a moment, look around and see what is right under our noses. Look at the beautiful colours in our world, our animals, our nature, our family, friends and new people that we meet. Stop and appreciate how beautiful people are in our world. We are all one of these beautiful people.
Sophie Bibby