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BURNOUT PREVENTION “If an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure, then the best way to beat burnout is to keep it from happening in the first place. In other words, take action before burnout appears rather than afterward. Instead of suffering through the costs of caring and then trying to recover from them, it makes more sense to try to eliminate them. The costs may be too high ever to overcome, thus, it is wiser to avoid them altogether.” (Maslach, The Cost of Caring: p. 216) I was actually reading this in relation to self care for counsellors. however I believe it applies to us all regardless of our career/life choices. To practice what I preach I have put my work away for the day, time to eat a good dinner and chill out. #burnout #wellbeing #self respect
Sophie Bibby copied an extract from a book
After a beautiful summer and lots of well deserved rest and relaxation I have been back to land of business now for the past few weeks. To be honest, it has been good for me to get back to some routine and to stop the "of course I can have another piece of cake, it's the holidays" mentality (still work in progress this one). I have been busy working, learning and keeping myself up to date with counselling children and young people and counselling in schools. I am currently working on a contract for a school to utilise my skills and experience in order to support students with improving their mental health and wellbeing. It brings me onto how far I have come.... tbc
Sophie Bibby