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I have recently started to tune into what I believe I should be doing in my life. Despite my counselling which I am very passionate about I have recently started painting a lot and writing which I am so inspired by. Whilst working on various pieces of art I have seen how what I thought I was going to paint or started to paint quite often ended up as something entirely different. This got me to thinking about life and our life path, how we quite often think we know where we are going, who we are going with and sometimes you end up somewhere completely different to where you started or where you thought you were going. Although change is difficult, sometimes unbearable dependent on the circumstances I really do believe that with hard work we end up where we are supposed to be. Sometimes the not knowing can be scary, however if we are strong , hold on tight and bear the storm we can get to the next stage. #Life #Change
Sophie Bibby
I am sure we are all guilty of procrastinating sometimes and I am no exception to this. As an example I have only just phoned about my blocked sink despite problems with it for months. It does make me wonder why? Why do people put off jobs that could be sorted in two minutes? Sometimes it may be that the job itself is too difficult or that we think it could be and so we put it off, put it back on that every increasing pending pile and days, weeks, even months go by. My example has annoyed me so much that I finally made the ten minute call to get it sorted and I now think that age old question "Why did I wait so long? We all have our reasons and excuses and thoughts so let's see what you can get sorted today. Ask yourself the question "What have I been putting off for ages?" and "what can I sort today?" #procrastination
Sophie Bibby
Whilst rewatching my Sex and the City box set, I wrote down a particular quote that really struck me and touched me deeply. I feel now that my recent rollercoaster of emotions has been another part of my process and the more I read this quote the more it feels relevant to me at this juncture in my life. Change is very challenging, it can be extremely painful as well as exciting at times but above all change is necessary and growth producing. Change gets us to where we need to go next.

"Maybe the past is like an anchor holding us back. Maybe, you have to let go of who you were to become who you will be" Candace Bushell #change
Sophie Bibby
I have been talking about writing a book for a while now and until quite recently I feel like I am really ready. It feels very powerful, like I have to do it, like its spilling out readiness (I know this doesn't sound good english however it is how I feel). Sometimes we have to wait until we know the time is right and then wait until we feel the time is right and then wait until we are ready to take that first step. Today I took that first step and I have officially started my book. Time is a very powerful force. #timing
Sophie Bibby